Glyph Solutions

So, first, it doesn’t matter where we found them; They’re not ‘ordered’, or at least, we need to work out the order ourselves.

These are legit great. The hint from lost regarding Phoenician was to imply the Phoenician Merchant numerals, not the alphabet. Incidentally, they used a numbering system apparently very similar to our own Arabic numerals in appearance, but more angular. A description of these numbers
There are some who are sceptical of the history here, and that’s totally fair – the best sources I could find on a cursory search don’t seem that reliable. But, it’s a good enough lead for our purposes. The trick now is to sum all the ‘touching’ figures – whenever several are joined or surrounded by a circle or ellipse, we sum all the For the above 6 figures, we then get, respectively:

04 17 20 14 05 20
13 13 15 14 05
04 01 12 07 05 18
19 05 05 11 06 09 18 19 20
20 12 01 19 08
12 15 19 20 02 15 25

Now, we do our standard 1=a, 2=b etc. to get:


MMONE? what the heck is that? Well, apparently there’s a leap of logic here. Let’s consider the possibility that we have a transcription error, but that we got all of the individual angles right, we just missed a connector. Everything makes sense except that MM – so, maybe, just maybe, we need to add those too. We get a bit better there: ‘Zone’.

Just a little bit of housework to get; Awesome, another ‘Access Fragment Vector’.

but wait.. there’s more here. As I mentioned in the hints on the original page, and as implied by the archer reference in DangerZone, there is a second page from this combination. What’s more, 1o57 has in the title of DangerZone that we’ve assumed something (i.e. we’ve missed something).

Instead of a Danger Zone, I guess we get a Zone of Danger: lulzy. [Credit goes entirely to Madman on this one – nicely done]