Endgame 4

There’s a lot of combinations that would work with this. The first is definitely 512 in binary.

The second could be a few things ‘2pi’ typed on the phone keyboard, maybe ‘314’,’3141′,’628′, or ‘6283’. Oops, no, that’s too mathy. I forgot at this point that degrees was a thing that is used. ‘360’ is what we want.

Finally, there are a couple of possibilities for rounding out 4 numbers from the time 2:34. ‘1434’, or ‘0234’. Turns out, it’s the second of those.

Calling 512-314-0234 gets us nothing. But, we overheard 1o57 ask Council earlier ‘have you tried texting?’

A text to this number gives us something closely resembling a command line help page:

So close...
Text one of these commands to get more info, or text 'help' to display this list again:
how blaise
thinking cap
help someone else

Text ‘1o57’:

Sorry about the technical hiccups yesterday. 

Text ‘how blaise’

Vv Akhx K Fakoh

Text ‘thinking cap’

Hoed heks se

Text ‘help someone else’


Endgame 5