Badge Silk Screen Solutions

Top Badge Silk

nonpareil bimil: Icnwc lsrbcx
kc ntr-yudnv ifz xdgm yduxnw
yc iisto-eypzk

nonpareil- French ‘without equal’; bimil – romanization of Korean ‘secret’.
A secret without equal, huh? Let’s file away that OTP ciphertext for later.

Middle Silk


First part is clear – this is 1o57’s stamp that he likes to pepper liberally throughout the puzzle, converts directly from binary.
Second part is somewhat trickier, at first it appears to be a date. It’s obviously not the date of manufacture, just because we heard about delivery problems from 1o57 on twitter just a week or so before the con (Thanks everyone who works on that – I can’t imagine the sort of scaling and production issues for these things). It could be a design date, but it’s not as though 1o57 has filed a copyright.
In fact, not a date at all – A120215 is the code for a documented integer sequence. A quick lookup ( online encyclopedia of integer sequences) gives that full integer sequence:

1057, 7503, 3059, 9505, 5061, 1607, 7063, 3609, 9065, 5611, 1167, 7613, 3169, 9615, 5171, 1717, 7173, 3719, 9175, 5721, 1277, 7723, 3279, 9725, 5281, 1827, 7283, 3829, 9285, 5831, 1387, 7833, 3389, 9835, 5391, 1937, 7393, 3939, 9395, 5941, 1497, 7943, 3499, 9945, 5501

Anyone who’s studied early university level math will recognize the capital sigma as a summation sign, so summing the integers gives 247545.
gives us a first flag (or “Access Fragment Vector”).

Designer speculation:
I think it’s a fun exercise to not just think about these puzzles ‘forward’ ie how we solve them, but also ‘backwards’ i.e. how 1o57 put them together. This is all speculation, because 1o57 hasn’t told us any of this stuff. It’s all about identifying the free choices to be made – 1o57 is good, but he can’t change the structure of, e.g. the English language to fit his puzzles.

So, the same online integer resource is searchable. He did apparently want 1057 to be prominently apparent in the sequence, which makes a desired sequence rarer. Even so, the sequences are pretty densely available. Let’s do a different one. Say we wanted our hidden sequence to be 1337. With a search at ( online encyclopedia of integer sequences), we get just one choice:
So, we could make our own 1337 version of this.

Bottom Badge Silk

There were a lot of these, and they were all encoded with rot2, unusually enough.

Human: 010625110310031312    = CHAMELEON
Goon: 032203011918071312     = EXECUTION
Artist: 02191718             = DUST
Vendor: 182113               = TWO
Contest: 110712072518191603  = MINIATURE
Speaker: 1718030310          = STEEL
CFP(?): 171825180701         = STATIC
Press: 11191803              = MUTE

All of these are lostboy pages:
More importantly, they are all Twilight Zone episodes