Synthesis solutions

I think it’s fair to say that this single step was hardest, as Council didn’t do it, I sure as hell didn’t do it. Maybe no one legitimately did it. Maybe that makes 1o57 sad. Maybe 1o57 should have ensured there were a few extra keys so that we couldn’t just brute force the combinatorics.

As it stands, we had 8!~40k urls, which is several hours, but not prohibitive. 10! would have been.

Because I’m giving out the solution with reasoning, I’m not going to hand out the script that I used to pound the server, but I’m sure you can write your own.

The data you should have gathered from the sites is:

Execution    :04011960            247545
Two          :09151961            Tmesis
Miniature    :02211963            DangerZone
Steel        :10041963            MimeAndPunishment
Chameleon    :10041985            FoolsErrand      
Mute         :01311963            IsThereLifeOnMars    
Static       :03101961            ZoneDanger           
Dust         :01061961            TwilightZone         

Youtubes from the AFVs are:
247545           : Frank Sinatra Love is a many splendored thing
Tmesis           : Lil Rob summer nights (note:wrong artist...)              
DangerZone       : Ritchie Valens La Bamba                         
MimeAndPunishment: Jerry Lee Lewis whole lotta shakin              
FoolsErrand      : Danny & The Juniors - Rock N' Roll Is Here	
IsThereLifeOnMars: Sha Na Na - Tears on my pillow
ZoneDanger       : Elvis Presley - Hound Dog
TwilightZone     : The Marcels - Blue Moon

Correct order:
Ordered	by appearance in the soundtrack	of grease.
Lost, you son of a bitch.

Council alluded to a mysterious ‘blue moon’ site as well as the one above. Given what we’ve done to find this one, that might just be crap from 1o57 to throw them off the endgame.

Endgame, part 1