False Leads

Due to exactly how essential the roomkeys were for the Defcon 23 badge challenge, it’s no surprise a number of us ran around to the various hotels on the Defcon booking arrangement collecting things. We never personally collected the full set – Caesars and Linq didn’t get their badges until after we were asking around on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday morning we assumed that we had the full set, with intentional gaps in the design. Not so, but oh well. There’s some pretty tops graphic design going on here, but based on our puzzle workings, rather little else to be found. (Image courtesy of those fine people who put it on the wikia)


assimilate.today – this is a false lead sown by the Council. A clever ruse, and it probably bought them time compared to the other teams. It’s tricky to see as not real, apart from not being clearly led to by anything else – it just showed up on reddit at some point, and it appears to use a puzzle trick 1o57 used at Defcon 23. A rough intuition I’ve come to trust is 1o57 is loathe to repeat himself on any nontrivial component of a puzzle. Though, now I’ve said that publicly, he could just reverse that policy. Who Knows.

eggofmantumbi.com and lostboy.net/Egg– less obvious as a ruse, this one made by 1o57 himself as far as I can tell. It has a tenuous lead from the main strain of the puzzle. Ultimately, this seems to be one of the many sites and methods 1o57 had of foiling those trying to get ahead by watching his domain name registration patterns. 1o57 had a lovely list of countermeasures in his opening remarks.(probably not up for a while – but watch for it)