CD solutions

Well, as has become traditional, we have an encrypted rar. It has a password, and isn’t telling.

Along side that rar this year is a short story. It’s a grim thing, with all the lovely trappings of this year’s theme : the rise of the machines. There’s a bit of false lead in there with the number 634, but the real meat on this one is the difference between 1o57’s version and the one actually submitted to the short story contest.

In truth, there are several words missing throughout the story. In particular,
‘city’,’life’,’mundane’,’after all’,’Twice.’
Is the password

A confession: This could be accomplished via diffing and carefully looking through, or by a decent script. I did none of these things, I am disappointed to say that my solution for finding this was place two transparent terms on top of one another and visually scan for when the words didn’t line up. I know. -.-

Design thoughts: not a lot to this one in terms of finding the freedom to put it together – 1o57 just deleted some words. The story flowed fine without them, as many of them acted as adjectives in the context.

A text file in the CD leads us directly by the nose to our next flag. Or AFV (America’s funniest? nevermind.)